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About Me

Welcome to my Web Site.

As a professional Underwater Photographer for many years, I have had the opportunity to visit many countries and locations around the world. I also worked in the Computer Industry which took me around the world.

Prior to relocating to my present home, here on Roatan Island, Honduras, I lived and worked in Southern California, USA, where I still maintain a business office and residency.

Roatan offers me the opportunity to enjoy both my passion for scuba diving and underwater photography. I work with Subway Watersports at Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort as their staff photographer/videographer and guest relations. I meet with the dive guests every morning for breakfast, and then most days go diving with them to take pictures and videos which I then get to share with them at the end of their dive vacation via this site.

Please contact me if you wish more information or have any questions. My email is - I can also be reached via phone at either +1 ‪(714) 594-9262 (US) or +504 9784-0024 (local Honduras). You can also reach me via social media via Facebook

( or Instagram


Thank you for visiting.

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